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New FS Facebook page!!

Sadly our Facebook page was hacked at the end of March, and we have been trying to get it back since then. But now we have started a new page! Just follow the link and like! FS at full speed!...

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  • Female lemon-kush seeds

    Lemon Kush

    An unique strong herbal lemon smell and taste.
    €12,00 Price includes VAT
  • Female white-widow-x-big-bud seeds

    White Widow x Big Bud

    A very popular cannabis strain with enormous yield and heavy stone.
    €17,50 Price includes VAT
  • Female purple-maroc- seeds

    Purple Maroc

    A cross of Purple Power with a big fat tasty Maroccan mother.
    €18,00 Price includes VAT
  • Female c99 seeds


    The holy grail of the cannabis strains
    €26,00 Price includes VAT