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Product description

For those who like it sweet !

Developed out of a Cindy 99 cannabis, then bred with a fast flowering Sativa for some generations, it has been selected on its strong Grapefruit / Pineapple smell. This generation is selected on shorter phenotypes. She is a super-fast flowering cannabis strain, which will EVEN flower under 24 hours in low light conditions. This new style sativa is early maturing, fast flowering and maximum yielding. Stabilised on early maturity for some generations now.

A highly praised cannabis strain and very popular for years, it is recognised for it’s pleasurable happy high, just like the old school sativa landraces. Only the flowering period of the Grapefruit is 8 weeks instead of half a year. It goes very well outdoor where citrus grow.

A true winner!

Flowering time: 60 days 8 weeks

Height: 0,80 - 1m

Seed to harvest: 80 days

Harvest:  Medium

Taste / Smell: Soft and sweet yet very present citrus smell and taste, like grapefruit. 

Effects: Intense tropical high

PHOTO by Djay

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Reviews (Write a review)

written:09 feb 2016, by: John
This was the first fem strain I tried 11 years ago. It's super-reliable but if you over-feed (in NFT Hydro) then you get nutrient lockout - its quite hard to diagnose in some cases. 4ml/litre of your chosen A&B nutrients is the maximum this one wants. Only ever had one go hermie & that was heat-related.
written:07 sep 2015, by: Sergey
I am going to try this strain in a PC growbox, only because this is the only Sativa which can be put in a grow box. How many of you have done that?
written:12 may 2014, by: Christophe
best grapfruit i grown pure on taste
written:09 may 2014, by: Christophe
did this strain couple of years ago still goes for best taste i ever had of my weed btw was first time i growed my own.only can say it is a strain you must have done iff you like it fruity
written:11 dec 2013, by: grant
Hi guys thought i would leave a review of this strain. i bought this strain back in 2005/2006 and now tried again in 2013 ... The four plants grew well in veg totall time was 13 weeks have to say there was some variation in growth pattern all plants grew sativa like with sativa buds , not as impressive as the seeds from 2005/2006 but still amazing results loads of fruity delights. Thanks femaleseedsnl ???? .