Pure AK

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Product description

Since the mid 1990’s “AK” cannabis strains have been increasingly popular. Our Pure AK cannabis is one of the strongest early finishing strains available anywhere. Pure AK produces hard buds with an exceptional penetrating aroma. Pure AK cannabis is an indica/sativa hybrid yet it retains most of its sativa qualities in its high. Pure AK finishes in as early as 48 days if conditions are perfect..
Extremely STRONG odour and smoke. An occasional leaf mutation can occur, but this is familiar with this strain.

PHOTO by Djay

Flowering time: 49 days
Height: 50 - 70cm
Seed to harvest: 65 days
Yield:  high
Taste / Smell: Strong in effect and soft taste

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written:05 feb 2012, by: paul
Just grown this pure AK and got to say its one of the nicest ive done for a while. Not too much of a couch lock but very stinky and tasty. Grew 4 plants in soil for 3 months total, 7-8 week bloom and got 300g off a 600 hps. I would recommend this strain to all growers as it was an easy one to grow.