Re-Discovering Nature

A Quinta

Re-Discovering Nature

A Quinta

A Quinta is a working farm based in the coastal natural park in South Western Portugal. The project is all about restoring the land using different regenerative agriculture methods like water management, holistic animal management and permaculture. We want to inspire future farmers and anyone else interested in nature and growing food by spreading knowledge through this website, workshops, guests, internships, open days, courses and connections.

What We Do

Holistic Management

Holistic grazing embraces
and honors the complexity
of nature.

Eco Construction

Working with natural materials
is another great way to reconnect with nature.


Water retention, soil building,
growing food,’s all part
of permaculture.

Water Retention

Keyline design uses natural
landscape contours to sink
and store rainwater.

Soil building

Without plants all animals,
including ourselves,
cannot live.

Growing food and more...

Undeniable fact: healthy food
comes from healthy soil.