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Auto Haze

Auto Haze

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An autoflowering cannabis Haze.

As most autoflowering cannabis seeds out there are more influenced by indica genetics instead of sativa, we could not wait to try this auto Haze. The cannabis Haze is a variety which has never been easy to grow, but with this autoflowering haze times are changing. Even die-hard Haze fanatics are very enthusiastic about this cannabis variety. Very good for growers who don’t have a lot of space and time, and still want to get a nice, easy to grow sativa weed.

Height: 80 - 100 cm
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Seed to Harvest: 11 - 12 weeks
Harvest: high
Taste/Smell: strong and sweet haze smell and taste.
Effect: what you can expect from a Haze strain: an energetic, yet calm sativa high.

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  • Written by: anonymous customer 08-05-2016 21:08

    This is one amazing automatic strain. Very happy to have gotten the chance to run this. It out yielded and was more potent than a couple photos I just harvested. Sweet sweet haze smell and tastes exactly how she smells. Took right at 90 days from seed. Very compact plant covered in trichomes very early. Buds stacked very nicely as well. Got just of 60 grams without any training at all and even without training she maintained a very even canopy. I definitely recommend this strain for auto lovers and will be buying another pack on my next order. Great job female seeds team!
  • Written by: anonymous customer 11-05-2012 22:11

    Aroma magnificent. Excellent strain. I am pleased to have chosen self haze. Ideal for small spaces plant does not grow much, have to work with tethers to increase yield. Always vigorous during germination, great genetics of femaleseeds.nl Flowering takes just 11 to 12 weeks.

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