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Auto White Widow x Big Bud

Auto White Widow x Big Bud

4 seeds €18,00
10 seeds €45,00

Super big buds, white widow, in an automatic flowering female seed!

Time has finally come to have an automatic flowering version of our world best seller white widow x Big Bud. These plants are vigorous and produce enormous buds which start off with an open structure and then fill out completely from bottom to top.
A fruity, skunky aroma with a relaxant effect and full of flavour. The flowering time for these plants is pretty fast, approximately 70-80 days wether grown indoors or outdoors.

Height: 80 - 90 cm

Flowering time: 8 weeks

Seed to Harvest: 10 weeks

Harvest: very high

Taste/Smell: fruity skunky aroma & smell.
Effect: very relaxing

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