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Critical Sour ®

Critical Sour ®

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Genetic lineage: (Maroc x Grapefruit) x (Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto Critical)
Indoor flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor harvest: Yes. See map for suitable outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods
Height: Indoor: 80-140 cm | Outdoor: 100-250 cm
Yield: Indoor: 300-450 g/m² | Outdoor: 180-250 g/plant
Yield: fruity, earthy and spicy
Effect: very balanced between an instant body relax with subtle, happy and uplifting cerebral high

The Critical Sour cannabis strain can be considered the next generation of hybrids from Female Seeds. Our goal was to create a very early maturing outdoor strain. Critical Sour is a big producing strain covered in delicious trichomes. A Maroc x Grapefruit mother was crossed with an inbred Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto Critical father to speed up flowering. Our Critical Sour strain develops specific features clearly inherited from the mum and the Auto Critical genes. She is easy to grow, as she is a very hardy plant. Critical Sour stays shorter than any of our other outdoor strains. One in thirty plants can autoflower.

The Critical Sour strain is an indica-dominant one - compact, with a sturdy and flexible stem, wide internodes - ready to stretch when kicked into flower. The Critical Sour strain’s average flower-to-leaf ratio is impressive, with much more flower than leaves. It has a vigorous production of thick, resinous and dense buds. The buds grow long, quite slender. The open bud structure of Critical Sour allows for good air circulation and helps prevent mould in the final stages.

Our Critical Sour feminized seeds will make sure your plants have a very nice aroma; fruity, earthy and spicy. The Critical Sour strain is not too smelly so perfect for stealth growing. The gentle and delicate taste while inhaling reminds you of the fabled pineapple pheno of the Grapefruit. A spicy/earthy hint is added due to the Maroc and the Auto NL genes help develop a very exciting palette.

The high from Critical Sour can be described as an almost instant body-high. It combines the strength and couch-locking effect of the NL and Critical with the more tender and subtle high of the Maroc and Grapefruit. The high is therefore a sudden happy and uplifting high that wraps the entire body with its pleasant feeling.

Critical Sour also provides good medical features since Auto NL is a natural pain reliever well known for helping against stress, anxiety, nausea or arthritis.

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  • Written by: anonymous customer 10-14-2018 09:10

    Amazing plants, the summer was very warm, dry and sunny too, that helped. Very resinous, fragrant and dense. The scents are full-bodied, like insence, tropical fruitbowl, deep/heavy hashy, fresh and sharp, full-bodied... Some are more slender/thin/elongated in flowerstructure. Some are phat and girthy like a clenched fist. Container size are really important in getting proper yields and fighting off diseases and pests. Some phenos are very powdery mildew susceptible, they are surrounded by PM colonized hedges and weeds, so it's good testing grounds. One Outdoor Grapefruit only had a tiny spot. If rain is ever a factor where you are coverage of the plants is needed to reach full maturity, which is important is it's for medicine. A well ventilated greenhouse is great. Very fast to flower, also in the end, somw are slower, but no more than a week or two. Reminds me of Northern Lights structure, rather sticky, but they were kept in 10L containers which could have stunted their stretch. 20L or 40L would be a good choice. Also secures them more from tilting over in storms etc if situated out in the open. Hardy plants, I've seen acclimated pot genes take longer than these with less flavor, terps and not least potency and ease of growth. Love them and feed them good nutes like House & Garden, Canna or BioBizz in 23 degree Celsius water and they'll reward you with a bountiful harvest of beautiful, purple striked, white and very sticky herb. Makes that totally black charas rub that can fill ones soul with warmth and satisfaction, elevating me above symptoms from PTS(D), schizophrenia, psoriasis arthritis, lethargy etc. It rivals the indoor herb. I am surprised at how good it is.

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