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Purple Maroc 4

Purple Maroc 4

A cross of Purple Power with a big fat tasty Maroccan mother.


Genetic lineage: Purple Power x Maroc
Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor: YES, EARLY FINISHER. See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods
Height:Outdoor: 200-300 cm (The Netherlands)
Yield: Outdoor: 200-300 g/plant (The Netherlands)
Taste/smell: Fruity, citric smell and diesel, purple taste
Effect: More Sativa; an activating and stimulating head high

A cross of our old and trusted Purple Power with a big fat tasty Moroccan mother!

Our Purple Maroc cannabis seeds were created from a mother that was selected on symbol and taste, she adds power and resin production to the Purple Power. Both cannabis strains are super early and the fastest varieties available for outdoor in cold/mountain climates.

The Purple Maroc cannabis strain has two phenos. Pheno #1 has a hint of purple in its appearance and has a very fruity almost citrus smell. She has very good trichome production. Pheno #2 is slightly slower in the calyx formation and has wonderfully strong fruity smell.

Female Seeds’ Purple Maroc is an absolute winner. Some buds will be light purple overloaded with resin. True eye-candy! The high is heady and activating, more Sativa inclined.

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