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Red Purps ®

Red Purps ®

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Another popular early and fast flowering Purple variety.

Taste wise it is the perfect substitute for the Purple Power cannabis seeds (Haze x Skunk). Red Purps performs almost the same as the Purple Power in growth, although experience shows that the taste and smoke properties are far superior. Like the Purple Power, the bud colour is red to purple, she is very early flowering (first flowers appear at the beginning of July) and will finish at the beginning/half September.
Growth is a bit more indica-ish, however the smoke is sativa-ish: candy liquorice with the Purple undertone.
Also very good indoor, recommended for beginners, easy to grow anywhere.

Height: 1,5 - 2m
Flowering time: 7 weeks
Harvest time: Half till end September in the Netherlands, End of August in Med
Yield: Good
Taste / Smell: Candy liquorice taste and odour
Effect: Sativa effects, good head high

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  • Written by: anonymous customer 03-15-2017 20:03

    This is one of the loveliest strains I have grown. The colors, smell and taste are exotic and the effect is strong and motivating. I will definitely grow this one again! I would post pictures if there was a place.
  • Written by: anonymous customer 09-20-2014 15:09

    I\'ve grown all Female seeds over the years & this is the earliest outdoor strain there is. Try to trim lower growth for big fat buds that are ready before the end of September., you may get a lot of immature buds at the bottom but they\'re great for extraction They have an impressive resin Output but watch out right at the end for mould outdoors, I chopped mine today 20th sept & there were a couple of smaLl mouldy buds, luckily the plant was ready & produced long donkey dick buds. Outdoors it\'s anything but lanky. Coming in at about 1.5 metres it\'s quite a compact plant which responds well to bending the main stem back., if you do this all the side branches shoot straight up like Spears ! ... Bubbla
  • Written by: anonymous customer 09-15-2014 02:09

    Grew them indoor, organically. Had a good yield, beautiful purple-reddish buds just like in the picture. Quite lanky and tall, sweet tasting with spicy undertones and a hint of candy. Definitely an all day smoker, has a good strength without getting you too bat-eyed :) Will do it again

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