Cannabis Indica is a species of cannabis, rumoured to have originated from the Middle East. These strains usually grow bushier in a horizontal manner rather than growing vertically. Their leaves are broad and robust and the plants don’t grow very tall. Due to a high amount of chlorophyll, the leaves are darker and greener than usual. Most Indica plants boast of a shorter flowering cycle compared to other cannabis plants. They are best suited for cooler climates with short seasons.

Medical cannabis users prefer Indica strains for their sedative effects. Indica strains help relieve many illnesses including chronic pain. Furthermore, most Indica strains have higher CBD percentages.
Perfect to be used after a long day at work, Indica strains work well at night just before you hit the sack. A little of Indica goes a long way, and for this very reason, they help insomniacs struggling to get some shut-eye. Indica strains are usually associated with the classic “couch lock” effect. The body buzz can be extreme at times, but such effects are also preferred by medical users since it helps relieving pain.