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Cannabis Indica is a species of Cannabis, most likely originated in Middle East. Indica strains tend to grow shorter and bushier than their Sativa counterparts. Furthermore, Indica strains have a wide, short leaves with short wide blades. Due to a high amount of chlorophyll, the leaves are darker and greener than usual.

Another main feature is the bud structure. Indica flowers are generally bulky, compact and dense. When growing, most Indica plants boast of a shorter flowering cycle than other cannabis plants. They are best suited for cooler climates with short seasons.

Most users report more of a “stoned” feeling and less of a “high” from Cannabis Indica strains when compared to Sativa varieties. The effect is the typical “couch-lock” body sensation. Indica strains possess beneficial properties such as pain relief, in addition to being an effective treatment for insomnia and anxiety. In fact, medical cannabis users prefer Indica strains for their sedative effects. And as a little of Indica goes a long way, those strains are perfect after a long day at work or at night just before you hit the sack.