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Outdoor strains are those that perform the best in outdoor environments. Those strains are the result of decades of painstaking crossing and experimenting with some of the best land-races and hybrids around. The key of these varieties is that they reach maturity and end their flowering phase much earlier and faster than most of photoperiodic strains available. As a matter of fact, these outdoor varieties will flower under low light conditions. In turn, this makes sure that the harvest won’t be affected by harsher climate conditions. Those outdoor strains are very well suitable for indoor setups too. However, they will perform at their best under the natural sunlight. They are capable of reaching impressive sizes and heights in a very short time. In addition, these outdoor strains have also a solid reputation for being very big yielder.

These outdoor feminized seeds are the results of crossing landraces with more modern hybrids. Hence, it is possible to choose your strain based on flavors as well as other features. From fresh and spicy to  pleasant sweet notes, you can enjoy delicious and tasty buds at any point of the day.