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Cannabis Sativa is a species of Cannabis. It is widely accepted as originating from Central Asia. Cannabis Sativa plants usually grow taller and slender than their Indica counterparts. Leaves are long and thin, whilst giving more space between the nodes. Moreover, typical Sativa leaves present a brighter coloration than other Cannabis plants. Plants of this species grow tall and have a more open structure. Sativa land races often show a candle shaped structure with fewer branches.  Usually Sativa strains need a longer flowering time than other species, and buds produced show a fluffier, airier, sausage-like shape.

Sativa strains have become extremely popular over the years due to their uplifting effect, at times also referred to as “psychedelic”. A perfect cure for procrastination, Sativa strains also have medicinal benefits, tailored to those suffering from depression. Sativa strains will produce a more cerebral high, rather than the body effect of Indica varieties. Sativa strains are useful to stimulate creativity and enhance physical sensations. Additionally, some users have even reported hallucinating effects. Perfect for daytime use, Sativa strains attract cannabis users for their mouthwatering terpene profiles. Ranging from fresh and spicy scents to strong sweet, fruity notes, you can enjoy delicious and tasty buds at any point of the day without worrying about a heavy body buzz.