Mimosa Champagne


  Genetics: Mimosa x Champagne Kush

  Indoor: 9 – 10 weeks

  Outdoor: Yes, Early Finisher

  Height: 120 – 140 cm | 150 – 250 cm

  Yield: 450 – 550 g/m² | 450 – 700 g/plant

  Flavor: Intense fruity tangerine smell and taste

  Effect: Intense fruity with strong tangie hits

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Mimosa was by Symbiotic Genetics, the Mimosa strain is a rising star in the cannabis community. It has an unparalleled aroma and effect.
We have crossed a particularly frosty and smelly pheno of Mimosa with an extremely vigorous and fast Champagne Kush father. The resulting hybrid is simply the perfect daytime companion for all. e It has an exceptional uplifting and boosting high: a great way to indulge in the morning.

Mimosa Champagne produces medium to large size buds. Lush dark green to purple and blue shades, ultimately giving this strain an amazing bag appeal. This strain doesn’t grow too tall, and doesn’t branch out much. A trait inherited from its Indica lineage. The dense, large cone-shaped buds are covered in a blanket of white trichomes. Mimosa Champagne has an appealing contrast for the eye of the gardener.

Mimosa Champagne is a heavy feeder and needs above-the-average levels of Nitrogen in vegetative stage. She requires a higher dosage of phosphorus and potassium to maximise terpenes productions. It is recommended the use of a complex healthy soil medium rich in essential nutrients, to support the plants in all the stages.

This wonderful strain produces an exceptional uplifting high on the user. Mimosa Champagne makes anyone talkative and can be definitely described as a roller-coaster experience. Recent analysis show high levels of limonene and linalool for this strain. That explains its outstanding energetic, uplifting and social high. Whilst beta-caryophyllene acts on the users as a stress reliever.
Not a couch-locker, but your new best daily companion.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 cm

4, 10

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