Sativa cannabis seeds have become extremely popular over the years due to their uplifting effects guaranteed to transport the user to psychedelic heaven. Plants displaying Sativa dominance usually grow tall and lanky compared to their counterparts. The serrated leaves are long and slender with a lot of spacing between the nodes. Sativa strains take a tad longer to flower than other species, but it’s all worth it at the end especially when you see them studded with crystals glittering like stars. Some of these strains contain almost 100 percent Sativa genetics, making them some of the purest strains available today. They grow tall, so it’s recommended to cultivate them in areas with a lot of vertical space.

A perfect cure for procrastination, Sativa strains also contain medicinal benefits that are tailored to those suffering from depression. In other words, cannabis Sativa makes you feel good…really, really good. It also induces euphoric sensations that transform into a cerebral rush felt from head to toe. Whether you’re a writer who has run out of ideas or a chef yearning to create new recipes, Sativa strains will stimulate your creative juices enough to push you into action. Perfect as wake-and-bake strains, you can enjoy buds at any point of the day without worrying about a heavy body buzz.