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Auto AK

  Genetics: Pure AK x Lowryder

  Indoor: 10 – 12 weeks (from seed to harvest)

  Outdoor: Yes

  Height: 40 – 180 cm | 40 – 120 cm

  Yield: 200 – 300 g/m² | 40 – 80 g/plant

  Flavor: Penetrating, earthy smell and taste

  Effect: A creative and euphoric high


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This is an automatic version of our very own Pure AK. Created by crossing the Pure AK with the Lowryder, stabilizing it while maintaining the original AK characteristics. As with any autoflowering strain the Auto AK does exhibit variation with the slowest pheno finishing in about 90 days. That is from start to finish. An occasional leaf mutation can occur, but this is known from this strain. Auto AK is very easy to grow, so highly recommended for first-time growers. The yield is average to good.

Indoor you require good ventilation and provide sufficient nutrients to really bring out the best in your plants. You can grow the Auto AK on any medium and it is very suitable for SOG due the compact structure with one main cola. Grow the Auto AK on a 12/12 schedule to fully reap the rewards. Auto AK is also well suited for SCROG and DWC. Outdoor the Auto AK will obviously grow taller and more branchy than indoor. Make sure you put the Auto AK in a sunny spot when growing outdoor to reap the full benefits.

AK produces hard buds with an exceptionally penetrating and earthy smell and taste. The buds are sticky and covered in trichomes. AK cannabis is an Indica/Sativa hybrid yet it retains most of its Sativa qualities with a creative and euphoric high.

1 review for Auto AK

  1. Nuggy

    I got these seeds for free from a 3rd party distributor in Canada. Not only is this in the top ten strains Ive ever tasted (unbelievable Raspberry flavour, never had anything like it), but it is the easiest plant Ive ever grown. Yields arent huge. 50ish grams on my plant but the bud structure and flavour make up for the small harvest. I grew it on my balcony in Vancouver Canada in under 90 days total and it was just perfect.
    If you’re reading this, buy it 4sure!!

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