Classic Line

ICED Grapefruit

  Genetics: Ice (pure) line x Grapefruit

  Indoor: 8 – 9 weeks

  Outdoor: Yes

  Height: 80 – 120 cm | 150 – 200 cm

  Yield: 550 – 650 g/m² | 300 – 400 g/plant

  Flavor: Sweet, deep pink grapefruit with a hint of banana

  Effect: A euphoric high paired with a relaxing body sensation


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Whilst experimenting in 2004, Ferry produced this most interesting cross. It was launched to great acclaim in 2005.

The perfect marriage between our Grapefruit and ICE. The Iced Grapefruit is the perfect mental painkiller. Where pharmaceutical antidepressants numb feelings, our Grapefruit cannabis makes people feel happy and enlightened, just like a classic Sativa. The ICE, being one of the strongest cannabis strains in the world, is more of a physical heavy bodied painkiller. The Iced Grapefruit holds some very promising prospects with a wide range of medical effects of the parents. Choose your own perfect keeper based on the particular medical traits you are looking for.

The Iced Grapefruit has two phenotypes: the first more Indica inclined with a shorter stature yet with a Sativa bud structure and large calyxes. This pheno is loaded with resin. The second phenotype is slightly taller and more Sativa looking. Overall, the Iced Grapefruit produces dense buds with a high calyx to leaf ratio. Iced Grapefruit can display some pink to purple hues at the end of flowering giving it an excellent bag appeal.

Expect a height around 1.20m. The smell will be very special with the fruitiness of the Grapefruit combined with the black hash odor of the ICE. Delicious sweet, deep pink grapefruit taste with a hint of banana and an earthy undertone.

4 reviews for ICED Grapefruit

  1. Arshia Safari

    One of my favorite strains! Smells/tastes very sweet and citrusy, just like an orange. Was the 3rd plant I ever grew and didn’t give me any problems; gave me well over 10oz. Can’t wait to grow it again!

  2. Pekah

    Quel goût. Plante à conseiller aux amateur de goût de bonbon et aux jardiniers amateurs, phénotype stable d’une graine à l’autre, résistante aux maladies, ensemble odeur/goût remarquable.
    Un bonheur

  3. Pk6

    Excellente. Un must have pour tout amateur.

  4. Furnace

    Grew 3 seeds. One was tall with a looser bud structure. It was very purple and fruity.
    Another was typical squat indica, with a big central cola, surrounded evenly with satellite colas and was very frosty. More hash than fruit smelling.
    The last was my favorite. Typical right down the middle hybrid structure wise and very fruity smelling.
    All were very easy to grow, about 8 weeks to finish and a very pleasant smoke.
    A good all-around strain.

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