Special Outdoor


  Genetics: Pure Cultivar Ketama x Auto NL

  Indoor: 7 – 9 weeks

  Outdoor: Yes, Early Finisher

  Height: 120 – 150 cm | 150 – 300 cm

  Yield: 350 – 500 g/m² | 450 – 700 g/plant

  Flavor: Earthy, floral taste with hints of Ketama

  Effect: Easy-going smoke that goes together with an euphoric high


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Our Maroc is a genuine outdoor cannabis strain. We wanted to stick close to its original ancestors so we specifically bred to obtain that sought-after, resinous pheno. We were able to come very close to that unique Ketama smell by stabilizing over several generations. To reduce flowering time we crossbred her with an Auto NL. And reduced the flowering time significantly. Flowering starts as early as mid July depending on your latitude.

Buds are large, long and slender with an open structure that allows each part of the plant to to take best advantage of light. This budstructure allows her to deal with mould issues. The Maroc is a extremely productive with the buds covered in great amounts of thricomes. The open budstructure and the Moroccan genes make her naturally resistant to moulds and fungus. Although we suggest to be careful when growing in extremely humid climates.

The Maroc has an amazing root development. Even with little water around she will still develop roots incredibly fast penetrating the soil deeper and deeper in search of water. For the best results, we suggest to plant this strain either outdoors or in greenhouse.

It is important to keep in mind that in order to get its original taste and effect you would have to grow it in the Ketama region. But both European and North American growers can expect excellent aromatic buds, an early yield plus an impressive production.

Someone calls it this a genuine old school smoke, because of its effect with that warm glowing feeling. The relaxing stone and yet clear head high typify this strain. Its inviting earthy and floral flavour together with its abundant trichome formation make this a very appealing and unique strain.

3 reviews for Maroc

  1. Beaver

    Great seeds

  2. Anonymous UK Grower / Toker

    A large growing, heavy yielding, fast finishing outdoor strain. Biggest ever yield was 200grams dry from one plant grown at 52 north in the UK.
    The high is unlike anything on the market. Uplifting, clear headed and mild. Nothing but positive vibes!

  3. Fulvio (verified owner)

    Great old school plant I love 💗 it I like the high. Grazie 🙏 9.5/10

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