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Pure AK

  Genetics: AK x Skunk Special

  Indoor: 7 – 8 weeks

  Outdoor: Yes

  Height: 60 – 100 cm | 100 – 150 cm

  Yield: 500 – 650 g/m² | 350 – 500 g/plant

  Flavor: Earthy, spicy taste and smell infused with blackberry

  Effect: Pulsating head high with an Indica, body-stone effect


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Pure AK is a cannabis hybrid. Because of the Skunk origins of the AK, Ferry, our master breeder, used a specially selected Skunk Special father to create the Pure AK. Our Pure AK was launched in 2010 and it has been a huge success ever since. It is one of the fastest finishing strains currently available. In fact, flowering time takes only 7-8 weeks! That said, Pure AK produces very uniform plants with very little variation. It has a medium green color.

Chunky buds that have a strong earthy, spicy smell with a pleasant note of fruit. Pure AK produces wart-like, rock-hard nugs. Because of that bud structure she is not suitable for outdoor as she will have mold issues. If you are willing to veg for 4 weeks you will create monsters. The Pure AK responds well to fimming to create multiple buds and is also well suited for SCROGGING. Amazingly high resin production.

Pure AK has a strong, powerful odor; earthy, spicy infused with blackberry and raspberry. A very delectable and complex smell. The high comes on strong and fast. Initially an active head high that transforms into a Indica, body stone effect.

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