Special Outdoor

Red Purps

  Genetics: The Purps x Ice

  Indoor: 7 – 8 weeks

  Outdoor: Yes

  Height: 40 – 80 cm | 100 – 150 cm

  Yield: 350 – 400 g/m² | 50 – 150 g/plant

  Flavor: Licorice and grapes taste, flowery, fruity and diesel smell

  Effect: Strong and motivating. More of a Sativa high


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Obtained from a breeder in Canada 2011, Ferry got to work. Out of the three phenos he selected the most beautifully looking purple/blue pheno and crossed it with the ICE to stabilize it and improve its production. It was backcrossed over several generations to fully bring back that wonderful grape and licorice taste. Not best yielding strain, yet one of our favorite strains when it comes to taste and smell.

It is very easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and is a very quick finishing strain. Flowering indoor takes around 7 weeks. Flowering outdoor finishes mid September in the Netherlands. Outdoor Red Purps grows to just around 1.5 metres, so she is perfect for guerilla grow. First signs of flowering appear in mid July. Overall it has a very compact structure. The buds show dark purple to red coloration. Beautifully dense buds with impressive resin output. Not the biggest yielder yet very high-quality connoisseur bud.

It has a hint of purple in the taste that has an amazing depth with candy, licorice and grapes tones. A connoisseur strain! The smell is flowery, diesel and fruity.

The effect is strong and motivating, more leaning towards its Sativa roots. A great all-day smoke that doesn’t get you too bat-eyed.

2 reviews for Red Purps

  1. Dirty Taco

    Violets are purple & rose are red.
    Weed is purple & now I’m dead.

    Will not regret growing

    Definitely on more difficult side to grow but worth watching over and pruning. Quick buding and finishing for me 45 day flower

  2. James Snape

    The 7 foot indoor plants were seedlings on July 22, 50 days ago. Six inches high. Put into flower at about 1.5 feet high on Aug 1, one topping (40 days ago.

    This strain was part of some seeds I asked my kid to get. My instructions were to buy something purple, so he came with about 5 different varieties. One being this Red Purps by femaleseeds nl . I didn’t really pay it much attention as two seeds were Gelato, so I grew those, used cuttings from topping to grow two more, to make 20 cuttings to do a full room. I was going to do 2 rooms of that but am seriously thinking of keeping this Red Purps for the long haul and growing rooms full. If they don’t reveg well, I’ll buy 20 seeds.

    Strong points are huge colas, the fastest growing in the room of varieties. Smells a just like Mr. Clean or Pinesol (the actual cleaner, not a variety called that, if any). It is the tallest plant in the room being near ceiling height, not my favorite height, but I can deal with it. It has good trichome coverage, spilling out onto fan leaves, always a great sign. Big colas, and huge golf ball sized single clusters. At least 3 weeks to go and the dry weight of buds looks about 2oz each.

    Just putting it out there for anyone interested. I haven’t tasted it. Right now it’s Mr. Clean or Pinesol smell. Looking at the trichomes, it looks about 17% thc weed as a guess. I have blackberry that heat presses out to about 5% rosin yield, and people have said its the best weed they ever smoked. I’m thinking, sounds good to me then, if thats what you think. So the real judge will be customers.

    It stands out among the other varieties in the room:

    Purple Marok, PCK – Pakistani Chitral Kush, Purple Haze, Blue Gelato, Monster Pebbles – (shit). Odd part is, that Monster Pebbles was what I hoped would be as good as its breeder hype. Its been shitty every step of the way. I consider it a waste of expensive space. The rest are OK.

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